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Move behind the headlines, in the company of foreign correspondents. Make up your own mind about world events.

Foreign Correspondent Travels (FCT) allows everyone to get behind the headlines and make up their own minds about the complex political issues in the news.


Travel with actual foreign correspondents. Interview descision-makers. See for yourself places like the West Bank, Sarajevo, Kurdistan, or Beirut.

Stay in the hotels that earlier correspondents have made famous, enjoy drinks at their watering holes, and spend your days exploring the issues that dominate our world.


In the company of Matthew Stevenson and his colleagues, meet with politicians, military officers, aid workers, other journalists, authors, historians, and local residents to unravel complex the political events of our time.


In the evenings, discuss the books and watch the documentary films "on location" to get a better understanding of such conflicts as those in the Middle East, Bosnia, Kurdistan, or Vietnam.

Travel with a small number of like-minded individuals and learn the basic skills of writing, editing, and broadcasting on deadline about world events.


Post your videos and podcast interviews. Publish your impressions. Come to terms with what you are seeing and hearing.

It's a political world. Why not see it for yourself?


Raffles Hotel, Singapore

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” — Freya Stark

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